Man in pajamas with dogs, laptop and mug on couch
TV remote pointed toward blurry screen
Woman sitting on bed with laptop, phone and cash
Two cyclists riding their bikes for a workout
Empty office chair in front of wall emblazoned with CUSTOMER SATISFACTION
Meat map sculpture of beef cow
Squirrel stealing slice of pizza from city trashcan
Buckets of root vegetables in produce aisle
POV shot of two people eating sushi at restaurant
"Ninja" sitting on floor at laptop
Woman with brightly painted toenails watching newscast holding remote control
Young woman supervising a self-checkout lane
Hands surrounded by Apple products plus a pug
Young woman lying on rug talking on white rotary phone
POV shows off FitBit watch above two small dogs on leashes
Young man sitting on bed with papers and calculator
Bearded man at desktop computer checking phone
Woman waist down holding shopping bags
Woman wearing straw hat talking on mobile phone
Young woman looking at phone
Two Black college students checking their phones
Young Asian woman eating an apple while using Apple laptop
White woman looking stressed
Woman in floral shirt using smartphone
Man frustrated by iPhone
Women with black nail polish holding up an iPhone
South Asian woman reading laptop on couch
Man waiting at airport gate checking his phone
Tense young woman using a laptop
Woman in red jacket looking at laptop
Young woman on cell phone in cafe
A view from inside a car driving down a rainy road, with the windshield wipers swiping across the glass.
Smartphone keyboard white buttons
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