Does Chewy Have What Your Pet Needs?

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Chewy is an e-commerce retailer with a wide range of pet supplies for all of your pet needs. Whether your pet is furry, feathered, finned or scaled, Chewy offers what you need for optimal pet health, happiness and wellness – with fast and convenient shipping.


Supplies for Every Pet Type

There are over 129 million households in the U.S., according to recent U.S. Census data. A 2021-2022 survey by the American Pet Products Association estimates that 70 percent of American households, or about ​90.5 million​, have a pet. That's a big market – and a varied one.


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While dogs and cats top the list of pet types in American families, freshwater and saltwater fish, birds, small animals and reptiles are present in more than ​36.5 million​ U.S. households.

Chewy has the pet food and other pet supplies for all pet types, including horses, which account for 3.8 percent of all U.S. pets.


Great Selection and Organization

The Chewy website has sections that are a bit like mini-shops for every pet type and pet stage. If your furry friend is a canine, you'll find everything dog-related carefully curated.


  • Everyday Essentials:​ This area has dog food, dog toys, dog treats, grooming supplies and other daily pet needs.
  • Health and Behavior:​ Here, you'll find health care products and training and behavior items, such as potty pads and invisible fences.
  • Dog Home and Gifts:​ This section carries dog beds, dog crates, smart home devices, household items and gifts for pet parents.


Looking for Greenies dental treats? Check the treats area or dog dental care. The Chewy site is nicely cross-referenced and easy to navigate. Pet owners can narrow down the search by select brand, price or customer rating.

There are also specialized sections for new pets, puppies and kittens, which pare down the offerings to display all the right pet care choices for your new or pint-sized best friend.


Chewy’s Pet Pharmacy

A prized perk of Chewy's selection is the online pet pharmacy. In addition to shopping for pet care essentials, you can get your pet meds delivered as long as you have a valid pet prescription from your veterinarian on file.


A related Chewy service is "Connect with a Vet," offering text or video chats with licensed veterinarians. The service is free for Autoship customers. Without Autoship, Chewy customers pay $14.00 for a text chat or $19.99 for a 20-minute video consultation.

While weekend trips to the dog-friendly brick-and-mortar pet store have their charm, there is a lot to be said for the convenience of ordering through the retail site and pet pharmacy.


Pricing and Convenience

While weekend trips to the dog-friendly brick-and-mortar pet store have their charm, there is a lot to be said for the convenience of ordering through the retail site and pet pharmacy


Chewy shoppers receive free one- to three-day FedEx shipping on orders over $49. Any shipments under $49 are charged a reasonable flat rate of $4.95. Chewy's Autoship service allows you to schedule regular refills on the pet supplies you need to restock, including prescription medications.


Customers save 35 percent on the first Autoship order and 5 percent off on repeat deliveries. For repeat refills, you will receive a pre-shipment email notification. At that point, you can edit or cancel your order up until the day before your ship date.

Need a 30-pound bag of Blue Buffalo dry dog food every month? You can get it delivered to your door with free shipping in one to three days. Or, you could schlep to store, heft the huge bag into your shopping cart and haul it into the house every month. For customer experience, ease and savings, Autoship is a great option for pet owners.

Other ways to save at Chewy include checking the "Today's Deals" tab and shopping Frisco, Chewy's house brand. When you're ready to seal the deal, checkout is a cinch. Chewy accepts major credit cards and PayPal.

Chewy Has Pet Needs Covered

Whether you need cat litter for your domestic shorthair or veterinary diet kibble for your pudgy pup, you can find it on Chewy. With Chewy's Autoship, daily deals and shipping costs under $5 (or free), pet owners can get the most out of their pet care budget.