What Is Amazon Outlet?

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As if its main e-commerce site didn't offer enough options and deals, there is another lesser-known section of Amazon called Amazon Outlet. The outlet store on Amazon has steeply discounted products, overstock items and clearance sales. The site feels like a best-kept-secret – and you can get some high-quality products at discounted prices.


Amazon Outlet Finds

The Amazon Outlet store doesn't carry used goods. The site has new products only.

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According to Amazon Seller Central, for an Amazon seller to present goods on Amazon's outlet section, several criteria must be met, including that the goods have a sales history, are in new condition and will be offered with a markdown of ​20 percent​ or more. To have an item featured as an Outlet Deal, the discount must be at least ​30 percent​.


In the outlet store, you'll find sections for premium brands, Amazon brands, overstock deals and best-seller items.

The outlet's Premium Brands pages showcase name-brand fashion goods, from shoes, boots and sneakers to designer watches, handbags and apparel.


On the Amazon Brands pages, you'll find a broader range of Amazon-branded products from many of the typical Amazon departments, such as tools, home and kitchen, clothing, sports, electronics, office products, garden and outdoor, toys and games, pet supplies and more.

The Overstock Deals section on Amazon Outlet carries marked-down and clearance items from sellers' overstock inventory from almost every section of Amazon. The Best Sellers section has an expansive list of top-selling items at close-out prices.


If you scroll to the bottom of the Amazon Outlet's main page, you can shop by category and curated sections like "Last Chance Savings" and "Under $10."

For deals outside of Amazon Prime Day, check Amazon Outlet for markdowns and clearance items any time of year.


As on the main Amazon site, product eligibility for free shipping or Prime free delivery varies by product and total order amount.

Is Amazon Outlet Only for Prime Members?

An Amazon Prime membership is not required to shop on Amazon Outlet. To get to the outlet, you can either search online for "Amazon Outlet" or find it on Amazon's homepage.


Search "Amazon Outlet" in Amazon's search bar to go straight to the outlet store. To find the outlet store using the site navigation, select the "All" section in the menu at the top of the page and scroll down to "Programs & Features." Select "See All," and scroll to Amazon Outlet.


Amazon Outlet vs. Amazon Warehouse

Unlike the new goods on Amazon Outlet, the items for sale on Amazon Warehouse are pre-owned, renewed and open-box products. Products are evaluated through an Amazon quality check, given a condition rating and sold at markdown through Amazon fulfillment on the Amazon Warehouse site.


Amazon Warehouse purchases are granted the same return policy as any other Amazon purchase. Amazon Renewed products come with a 90-day replacement guarantee.

Amazon Warehouse vs. Amazon Second Chance

Amazon Second Chance is a section of Amazon dedicated to sustainability, reusing and recycling, from recycling your Amazon packaging and trading in old electronics to finding a repair service to keep your electronics out of the landfill. It's also a place to shop for pre-owned items, including those classified as Amazon Renewed.


Is Outlet Store Merchandise Returnable?

Whether you purchase from Amazon Outlet or the main Amazon site, you will enjoy the same return policy for almost all items fulfilled by Amazon. Amazon cannot accept returns for third-party sellers. In those cases, it is the seller who determines the return policy.


Some items, such as mattresses, may have specific terms or conditions associated with their return. Or, if your item falls into the category of unreturnable things, you won't be able to send it back to Amazon for any reason.

To check whether an item you purchased is returnable, look for the "Return or Replace" item in the My Orders section of your Amazon account.

Do Amazon Outlet Deals Have the Lowest Prices?

Amazon Outlet is intended to be the place for steeply discounted items and clearance products. As stated on Amazon's Seller Central, the seller must provide a worthy percentage discount to sell a product on the outlet site – and an even higher one to qualify as an Outlet Deal.

Seller Central encourages retailers to combine their Outlet Deal with a coupon for better sales, which means better deals for shoppers.

Before you buy regularly-priced merchandise on Amazon, why not check out the outlet site first? You may find that pet toy or treat puzzle at a much lower price – and you may find that Amazon gift card you got for your birthday goes a little further on the outlet. For deals outside of Amazon Prime Day, check Amazon Outlet for markdowns and clearance items any time of year.