Printable Similac Coupons

Similac offers coupons through its StrongMoms program. Individual retailers also offer printable Similac coupons.

StrongMoms Coupons

You can access Similac coupons by signing up for the company's free StrongMoms program. Along with Similac manufacturer coupons, you'll also receive free samples by mail, including infant formula and other promotional items.


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To sign up for StrongMoms, navigate to the registration website, complete the web form and click Activate your Similac StrongMoms membership**.**

Retailer Coupons

Similac is currently sold at stores like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Kroger, CVS, Rite Aid, Toys R Us and many local supermarkets. To find a retailer coupon, navigate to the coupon section of the store's website. Enter "Similac" in the page's search field or refine your search for the product's coupons by category. For example, Similac coupons can be found in the baby categories of both Target's coupon section and Kroger's coupon section.



Coupon Websites

Websites like CouponSherpa and PassingForSavings aggregate printable Similac coupons from various store websites. Many of these coupons can only be used a specific store, though, so check any limitations on a coupon before presenting it at the checkout.


To maximize savings, some stores allow you to use a manufacturer's Similac coupon and the store's Similac coupon on the same purchase, called coupon stacking. Contact the store ahead of time to ensure it allows such offers.



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