How Much Do I Tip Cleaning People?

Housecleaning people enjoy but typically do not expect tips. indicates that in most service industries, the practice of tipping is appropriate but not always expected. Since cleaning people are part of the service industry but typically make more than minimum wage for their services, tipping should be considered a message of appreciation for excellent service and not a requirement.


Types of Tips

Gifts cards make good tips.

While tipping in cash is always well received, indicates that other forms of tipping are also acceptable. Tips of gift cards, baked goods or even a card of thanks are acceptable. Tips should be in response to exceptional service and not a habitual practice after each cleaning. If a special request is made or irregular accommodation is made, at tip of thank you would typically be 10 percent of the cleaning bill.


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Holiday tipping is done once a year at a higher rate than habitual tipping.

Normal tips for the housecleaning industry, according to are typically 15 percent to 18 percent but 10 percent is considered acceptable. indicates that some firms recommend waiting until the holidays and tipping based upon a yearlong experience of good, reliable service. For a holiday tip, 20 percent to 30 percent of the normal cleaning bill is typical.



Periodic tips may be better than habitual tips, which can come to be expected rather than earned.

Regardless of what tip you choose, good communication is essential. Since tipping a cleaning service is a comment of appreciation for a job well done, it should come with a brief indication, whether written or verbal that the tip is in recognition of quality, timely and reliable service. Appropriate tipping can build an excellent working relationship and encourage excellence. If done habitually, it can become expected rather than a reward for exceptional service.