How to Make Quick Money in Hawaii

Step 1

Write down a list of legal and ethical things you are willing to do to make quick cash in Waikiki. For example, you might consider recycling bottles and cans, performing on the street or selling beach items to tourists.

Step 2

Choose an activity to start out with. It is best to begin by recycling items, such as cans and bottles, this way you can earn some money to buy supplies to make more money. Simply walk the streets of Waikiki, collecting loose cans and bottles. Look in the bushes and in open garbage cans and dumpsters, if they are open and not on private property you should be fine. If you need a bag, either grab one out of the garbage or ask for a bag in one of the local stores, such as an ABC store, which can be found on practically every corner in Waikiki. Carry your findings to the nearest recycling center, which in Waikiki is near Planet Hollywood. Remember, this is all within walking distance, or for someone who is not able to walk, within wheelchair distance and completely accessible. Cash in the cans and bottles, get your cash and head back to Waikiki to make some more money.

Step 3

Toward the end of the night it is always possible to explore the beaches and find a lot of stuff that people leave behind. Look for floaties, mats and other reusable items. You can easily stash these items and resell them for a very low price to locals and tourists. If you look carefully around town you will notice that these very items are stashed in many discreet places, such as at bus stops and in trees. Leave these be -- they belong to people.

Step 4

Shower off and clean up either at your residence or at one of the local beach showers. Head for an ABC store to test out some of the lotions and other products so that you have a nice scent, and then head for Kalakaua Avenue once the sun has set.Perform a song, a magic trick, a dance or some other interesting feat. The wackier you look, without actually coming across as weird, the better off you will be. Make balloon animals or even dress up like a favorite children's cartoon character, and you are sure to make some cash. Set your can out for people to drop change and bills in to.

Step 5

Take any extra cash you have made and head to Walmart to purchase string and some sewing needles. Then take the bag that you got from Walmart and walk around town collecting nice flowers that have fallen from trees. Make some leis, tie them off tightly and, if possible, put some ribbon on them to make them look pretty. Head down to the beach near Hilton Hawaiian Village and sell leis to the people who are strolling. Simply ask, "Would you like a lei?" and when someone answers yes, tell them "Great, that will be $5, thank you. " This works almost every time.