The Future of Recycling Might Live at Home

Image Credit: LanaStock/iStock/GettyImages

If you really want to panic about something, start thinking about our global trash problem. We make and waste so much stuff, and one of the only ways around that seems to be recycling. Unfortunately, we talk a much better game on recycling than we actually play. Most of us really want to live a more sustainable lifestyle; soon, a feasible way of doing might be on its way.


Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Consumer Electronics Show — a massive expo of all manner of fascinating gadgets and prototypes — is still wowing tech journalists and investors this month. One possible home appliance of the future comes from Lasso Loop Recycling, which aims to bring recycling to the most local level possible in order to ensure it really gets done.

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In essence, you'd keep this still-in-development recycling machine in or near your kitchen, where you could clean and deposit your empty bottles, used-up takeout containers, and half-crushed aluminum cans. It's not just a glorified bin, though — the device grinds up these materials into pellets, which you can arrange to be sent away to a manufacturing facility when you've collected enough.


This is, of course, still far in the future, but it's just one way we can reimagine our relationship with stuff. We tend to recycle more when we know what our old materials get turned into. As we keep an eye out for opportunities to go sustainable, keep in mind that it's possible if we work toward it. Even fast food joints are getting in on the movement.