How to Show Up When You Show Up at Work

We all know the value of unplugging from your job at the end of the day. It's hard enough getting some people to put away their work email after hours, but that's just half of balancing what you do with who you are. New research suggests that starting your workday with some intentionality will help you until you clock out.

Psychologists at Portland State University have just released a study on work reattachment — the process of settling into your job each day, in effect. Outcomes for you as an employee and the business as a whole can improve by choosing a mindset when you arrive. A PDX press release calls work reattachment the process by which "employees think about what will happen during the day, the tasks that have to be accomplished, any potential challenges that might arise, as well as the support and resources they might need to accomplish their goals." One easy way of organizing all that is to make and keep lists.

Employee engagement like this has to be earned, of course. Another new study, from Binghamton University, reconfirms that inclusive work environments, which make a visible effort to consult and empower all employees, have the happiest and most productive employees. That can mean a leadership role takes on more weight. As author Kim Brimhall writes: "Leader engagement, that is, a leader's ability to actively engage all organizational members in critical decision making, may foster a climate for inclusion and positive organizational outcomes, such as a climate for innovation, job satisfaction, and perceived quality of care."

It's good to put on your game face when you walk through your job's front door. It's even better when your job is ready to support you when you do.