Live Abroad, Be an Entrepreneur — But There’s a Twist

If you're the kind of person who wants to make their own way, there's no time like the present to get out in the world. We're finding more and more ways to make a living and live our best lives doing it. If you've been pondering taking your own small business abroad, one analysis might help sway your thinking.


London-based firm Expert Market has crunched the numbers and crafted a list of the top 57 countries for millennial entrepreneurs to set up shop in. They looked at quality-of-life data: cost of living, income tax, access to credit, average internet speed, transportation networks, availability of free Wi-Fi, ease of starting a business, and of course, the cost of a coffee. (Spoiler alert: Despite the fact that American millennials may want to expand their horizons, the United States actually ranked second overall, so it may be worth looking into different parts of the country if you're not ready for international living just yet. Have you considered the Midwest?)


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And the winners are:

  1. Hong Kong

  2. United States

  3. South Korea

  4. United Arab Emirates

  5. United Kingdom

  6. Spain

  7. New Zealand

  8. Estonia

  9. Bulgaria

  10. Czech Republic

  11. Latvia

  12. France

  13. Portugal

  14. Lithuania

  15. Qatar

  16. Denmark

  17. Switzerland

  18. Germany

  19. Turkey

  20. Norway

  21. Romania

  22. Saudi Arabia

  23. China

  24. Netherlands

  25. Poland

  26. Australia

  27. Sweden

  28. Hungary

  29. Finland

  30. Mexico

  31. Japan

  32. Cyprus

  33. Chile

  34. Panama

  35. South Africa

  36. Italy

  37. Morocco

  38. Indonesia

  39. Iceland

  40. India

  41. Croatia

  42. Egypt

  43. Austria

  44. Colombia

  45. Brazil

  46. Greece

  47. Malta

  48. Peru

  49. Belgium

  50. Ireland

  51. Costa Rica

  52. Slovenia

  53. Ecuador

  54. Philippines

  55. Israel

  56. Argentina

  57. Uruguay