Make Your New Job Easier With One Small Change

We stress ourselves out so much over our first day at work. Be nice! Make friends! Network! Ask questions! Make your supervisor glad they hired you! It's a lot to hold in your head while you're also drastically reworking your day-to-day life.

But there is a simple way to help keep all of that in order — and it's incredibly low-tech. Business Insider talked to a bunch of experts about making your first month at a new job count. Grace O'Toole, of the long-running specialized staffing firm Robert Half, suggested keeping a journal and making some lists.

"Every day you should take 30 minutes to reflect," she told Business Insider. "Fifteen minutes in the morning to decide what your goals and tasks are, and 15 minutes to reflect on how you got there and what you didn't get done at the end of the day."

You may not need all 30 minutes, and you can certainly decide what format works best for you. That may be bullet points, or doodles, or paragraphs of freewriting. No matter what, it's worth giving yourself the time to get in the right headspace about all your new tasks and responsibilities.

Checklists are widely used in fields that require a lot of complicated steps, like surgery or piloting. They're also a great way to calm your mind so you can get enough sleep (another way to help yourself get a fresh start). It may feel weird at first, and it may take some time to stick, but it's a simple way to give yourself a leg up while you're still trying to find your feet.