Here’s What Millennials Really Want for the Holidays

Shoppers, it's crunch time — end-of-year holiday gift-giving is upon us all. Whether you're picking presents for friends, family, co-workers, or kids, be prepared. You may find yourself spending hundreds of dollars on stuff that nobody wants.

New market research shared by Moneyish found that about one-third of millennials want nothing to do with Christmas. Their hard-earned money could be going to a million other things, and one-quarter of surveyed millennials said they'd rather receive boring but necessary household items as gifts, so they can allocate their funds elsewhere.

If that doesn't sound up your alley but holiday shopping is still stressing you out, consider skipping physical presents altogether. There's plenty of research showing that millennials value experiences and personal connection more than things. If your chosen unit of friends and/or family still want to make the season special, see if you can all pitch in to do something cool together, like rent a cabin for a weekend or take a new class. That may not even require shelling out cash — establishing a game night and sticking to it can be a huge gift to the important people in your life.

This, of course, is not necessarily true for kids. The "experiences not stuff" plan works best with lots of communication and lots of lead-time, not to mention full consent. Kids may still feel bereft, even if you've talked it all through with them, especially if they're comparing themselves to their peers. But if you're meh about gift-giving these days, you may not be alone. Everyone can close out the year happier if you all say something about it.