Memes About Being Broke That Are Ridiculously Accurate

The longing is intense...

Halloween is for the 1%.

And Christmas? Clearly a plot to make you even more fucked.

Literally, anything free is a gift from the Gods. Even better when it's alcoholic.


Delicious food, why you gotta mock me?

When you are broke, literally life could not be more boring. HELP ME I AM SO BORED.

No really, this is all you do when you are broke. (Just substitute generic brand ice cream.)

Fellow broke person, living in denial/delusion:

"Oh, thanks, I'm fine on air and my own saliva."

And you know when people are like, "Don't you have a little bit of savings somewhere?"

Penguins: Lucky bastards.

This is pretty much how it feels when everyone on your Instagram feed is seemingly on perpetual vacation, home-buying sprees, or brunch-a-thons:

And FYI, saying this to a broke person is just plain unkind: