An Incredibly Easy Way to Boost Workplace Happiness

You can fill the office kitchen with coffee, you can offer performance-related bonuses, but there's a much simpler way to boost workplace happiness: windows.

It's not news that humans need natural light. Spend a few hours in a windowless room, and odds are you'll start to feel pretty weird. Which makes it so odd to consider how many workplaces still have no windows and operate solely via artificial light.

A study conducted a few years back on office workers hypothesized that "exposure to natural daylight has profound effects on factors such as mood, cognition, sleep, health and behavioral measures." Their findings were right on target.

They concluded that office workers with access to windows and natural light slept better at night, had more efficient sleep, and were more active while at work. So basically, light improved life overall. As the study states, there is a "strong association between workplace daylight exposure and office workers' sleep quality, activity patterns, and quality of life."

Who knew a few windows could have such a dramatic impact?