Need to Professionally Motivate? Hang With Motivated People

We'll admit it, there's always a divide between what we want to get done and what we actually get done. If you're a human, odds are you face the very same dilemma. While our go-to move when that happens is to pull an all-nighter (or try to, anyway) a new paper from the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research has different advice: Hang out with motivated people.

According to the paper, "prudence," "impatience," and "laziness" are all copiable traits — and are all associated with how a person mentally calculates rewards, risks, and delays. And when we see someone else engaging in them we tend to fall back on our very human penchant for "imitative behavior." This all makes total sense and completely explains why if you have a roommate who watches TV all weekend, you can get sucked in to watching TV all weekend too. As the paper states, "Evolutionary models have long shown that selective pressure may eventually favor imitative phenotypes, even when conformity brings no survival and/or mating advantage." So there you go.

What does this means for those of us who have big goals and big dreams and big aspirations? It means that we should probably hang out with people who motivate and inspire us because we might start to unconsciously be influenced by their work ethic, their drive, and their positivity.

Here's the truth: Every single one of us has the potential for professional success, but there is a requirement to combat constant negativity and distractions. Steve Siebold, an expert in critical thinking and mental toughness, has written a lot about ways we can give ourselves the best shot possible and his philosophy is right in line with the findings in the aforementioned paper. One of his recommendations for finding success is, "listening only to people with uplifting ideas that move us closer to our goals." Which is basically the same thing as spending time with people whose positive work ethic we will end up mirroring.

Long story short, who we spend time with matters and their habits influence us more than we may realize. So if you're feeling unmotivated, maybe it's time to hang out with your most motivated friend and do what you can to cop their attitude.