Young white woman with purple hair smiling as she talks on mobile phone
Two laughing women sharing a hammock
Young woman clutching head looking stressed out
Women working on laptops at coffee shop
Young bearded Brazilian man leans forward confidently on a bench in the Financial District in New York City
Young East Asian mother with newborn baby
Tattooed man adjusting bow tie
Stacks of Nutella jars
Young woman in red jacket conversing intensely at mixer
Woman stirring cold drink with straw
Three young professionals eating pizza around a table
Young woman in coffee shop smiling at phone and laptop
Hip open office
One man gestures to a computer screen while another looks on
Smiling African women in hip jackets
Young Asian businessman slumped on a set of stairs
Young businessmen looking over some charts
Young blonde woman sitting on floor with laptop and mug
Grumpy-looking cat sitting in POV's lap
Two Black women wearing colorful shirts conversing
Tattooed young father holding newborn aloft on outdoor patio
Young woman making a funny face above office party table of cupcakes
Young East Asian woman on laptop smiling at another woman over coffee
Man writing on whiteboard as a woman and man look on
Young woman dressed in black holding rainbow lollipop
Young couple drinks coffee together while sitting an a coffee shop
Young hijabi walking up a dim stairwell
Young woman in floral shirt working at computer station
Young diverse employees at round table meeting
Feather quill and ink in foreground of meeting around large table
Hijabi smiling in front of garden wall of flowers
Overhead shot of three women working at a desk together
Young startup employees standing/sitting together at presentation
Two employees look at laptop while blurry colleague enters frame
Woman wearing black walking past brightly colored mural
Two employees chatting on a couch in a hip startup office