Talent Scout Salaries

Talent scouts, also known as talent agents, represent actors, models, musicians and even athletes. A big part of their duties is finding talent that can make money for them. Thus, talent scouts will visit clubs, theaters, fashion shows and host open calls (auditions open to the public) searching for the next potential star. Talent scouts are paid a commission from the earnings of their talent for a particular job. As such, their salary levels are dependent on the the popularity of the talent and the type of talent they represent.


Average Salary

According to StateUniversity.com, the average salary for a talent scout is $54,000 yearly as of 2011. In comparison, Simply Hired lists the average salary for a talent scout at $40,000 as of 2011. A 2006 article for Payscale.com lists the average salary for an agent in California at $73,000. This jump in average salary is likely due to the prevalence of more films in California in which actors earn significantly higher salaries. The standard agent fee is 10 percent of earnings.


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Top Salaries

Talent scouts who represent Hollywood stars and athletes earn as much as millions of dollars in salaries annually. The top four agencies in Hollywood, Creative Artists Agency, William Morris/Endeavor Agency, International Creative Management and United Talent Agency, represent movie stars such as Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford and Denzel Washington, all who make millions of dollars per film. Top sports agents include Scott Boras, Fernando Cuza and Tom Condon( who works for Creative Artists Agency) with annual earnings between $30 million dollars and $70 million dollars annually.


Agents for Musicians

Musicianwages.com lists the average annual salaries for various types of musical artists as of 2011. Cruise ship musicians typically earn approximately $18,000 per year. Talent scouts, or agents, for these musicians would earn about $1,800 in commission. Cover bands specializing in weddings may earn musicians as much as $52,000 annually, earning scouts roughly $5,200 yearly in commission. Top agencies such as Associated Booking Corporation and Creative Artists Agency represent celebrity musicians.


Models and Other Talent

Talent scouts for models may earn varying salaries based on the popularity of their models and the type of modeling they are engaged in. A small number of models earn more than $500,000, and supermodels such as Tyra Banks and Giselle Bunchen earn millions of dollars. Talent scouts for television models may earn a few hundred dollars from a single-day commercial shoot while those representing photography models earn under a hundred dollars for a day session.

Writers are also represented by talent scouts. Typically, literary talent scouts earn 15 percent of writers' income. As such a typical advance for a published writer is $10,000. Bestselling writers may earn million dollar advances. They earn additional revenues once the book begins to sell.


Much like talent scouts for other talent, talent scouts for comedians earn modest wages in commission unless they represent comedians such as Jeff Foxworthy, Jimmy Kimmel or Chris Rock.

In some cases, television broadcasters are represented by talent agents. Matthew Kingsley is a talent agent that represents high-profile television broadcasters such as Keith Russell and Clayton Morris. According to a 2007 Payscale article titled "Sports Broadcasters Salaries," the average salary for television broadcasters is approximately $63,000.


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