How to Become a Model in Miami

Miami is a vibrant, lively city situated on the southeastern coast of Florida. Miami has a thriving entertainment scene, offering opportunities to actors, musicians, artists and models. Most of the major modeling agencies have offices in Miami and consistently scout new talent among Miami's glitzy venues. Becoming a model in Miami requires persistence, commitment and the ability to stand out in the crowd, which in Miami can be a daunting task.


Step 1

Prepare yourself physically. Depending on the subset of modeling industry in which you want to work, you need to meet certain physical parameters. For example, plus-size modeling work is generally for models size 10 to 16; runway work is generally reserved for models 5 foot 11 inches and taller. You may need to lose or gain weight to appeal to whichever segment of the industry you want to model in, and make sure that you've played up your other features as best you can. Keep up with your appearance, including proper grooming, and dress stylish and chic, but not too provocative or trashy.


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Step 2

Solicit a photographer to help you with a portfolio. You can find a photographer specializing in modeling industry through a modeling resource, such as the Model Mayhem website. An aspiring model should always have an updated portfolio ready to show a potential agent or modeling scout. While this requires an up-front investment, a professional portfolio separates you from other amateur models.

In Miami, there are numerous places you can do portfolio shots, including South Beach along the waterfront or downtown among the high-rise buildings and eclectic museums. Take the short drive to Everglades National Park for nature shorts or visit one of the marinas for a few shots among the impressive yachts and boats.


Step 3

Submit head shots to local modeling agencies. Among the major agencies with offices in Miami, Wilhelmina Miami offers aspiring models a shot at success with an open call each Thursday from 2 to 4 p.m., as of November 2010.

The agency suggests aspiring models bring two head shots and one body shot. Additional agencies in Miami include Next Model Management, Prestige Models & Talent, Plus Models and Elite Model Management Miami. However, it should be noted that not all agencies accept new talent at all times, although it's certainly worth it to send a portfolio shots just in case.


Step 4

Attend open calls. Scour the classified or entertainment section of local publications, such as the "The Miami Herald" and the "Miami New Times," as well as industry trade publications in the area for modeling calls. While these calls may result in a gig, be aware that they are generally attended by thousands of aspiring models, which makes it hard to stand out.

Step 5

Socialize and network as much as possible. In Miami, the average citizen can hobnob with celebrities and VIPs just about any night of the week at the local bars, clubs, resorts and hotels and restaurants. The more people you can meet, particularly those who are legitimately involved in the modeling industry, the more likely it is that you'll be discovered by a talent scout or be given an opportunity by an agency to attend a private casting call.


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