How to Become an Artificial Insemination Technician

Artificial insemination technicians are sometimes crucial to the financial stability of farms and other agricultural businesses that require healthy, strong livestock to thrive. An artificial insemination technician must collect semen from livestock and know how to properly freeze and thaw it in order to impregnate female livestock. Artificial insemination technicians also need to have strong knowledge of genetics, as a great deal of their work involves choosing the right group of parent animals to create the best possible offspring.


Step 1

Complete a course of study for a degree in either animal science or animal husbandry at an accredited collegiate institute. Get your associate's degree if you plan on working as an artificial insemination technician for small animals or pets. Anyone intending to work more complicated jobs at large farms or with expensive cattle breeds should earn a four-year bachelor's degree. Educational courses include animal anatomy, physiology, animal breeding, animal diseases and genetics.


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Step 2

Complete a course of study at an agricultural school that specializes in artificial insemination. The minimum educational standards for a course in artificial insemination, as decided by the National Association of Animal Breeders, or NAAB, include three cow insemination sessions taking a combined six hours using at least two different cows as well as at least one teacher for every eight students. The NAAB does not accredit schools or courses of study in artificial insemination.


Step 3

Contact local farms, cattle semen collection companies or veterinarian's offices and ask if they are in need of an artificial insemination technician. Animal breeders, including artificial insemination technicians, spend a lot of time directly with the animals but also work in office and laboratory settings.