How to Use a Walmart Gift Card at Sam's

Walmart issues gift cards in physical plastic and digital eGift versions. Walmart owns Sam's Club, so both types of gift cards are redeemable at Sam's Club stores and Sam's Club also has its own gift card, which it calls a "Sam's Club Shopping Card."


Plastic Gift Cards

Customers can use Walmart plastic gift cards at any Sam's Club store as well as Walmart gas stations. Plastic gift cards can also be used at both and as long as you know the card's PIN. The PIN is under the silver scratch-off area on the back of the card. If the card doesn't have a pin, it means it can only be used at a physical store location. Customers who are not Sam's Club members must pay a 10 percent service fee to shop at the store or on the website.


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eGift Cards

Walmart eGift cards can be used at all the same locations as plastic gift cards, including Sam's Club stores and website. Of course, they can also be used at Walmart stores and Walmart's website. To use an eGift card at a gas station, print out the gift card email and trade it in for a plastic gift card at a Walmart store. This option is not normally available at Sam's Club.


You must print out and show the confirmation email from the company to use an eGift card at a physical store. The printout must include the card number and a PIN.