How to Send a Gift Card

Giving gift cards is an ideal way to give while enabling your recipient the freedom to shop for herself using the gift card. Most merchants have gift cards readily available for purchase in their stores. Some merchants provide a way to purchase gift cards online as well. Choose a store your recipient enjoys and purchase a gift card. After your purchase, you can easily mail the gift card to your recipient by sliding it inside a greeting card.


Step 1

Visit the website of the merchant from which you wish to purchase a gift card. Many merchants realize that customers prefer shopping online and they make it possible to purchase gift cards over the Internet. For example, you can purchase a gift card from many retailers that will send the gift card directly to your recipient. Select the denomination you desire and pay for it online.


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Step 2

Shop at the brick-and-mortar store of the merchant from which you wish to purchase a gift card. Select the gift card design you desire -- gift cards often come in a variety of themes and colors -- and purchase the gift card in the denomination you desire.

Step 3

Place the gift card inside the greeting card. Enclose the greeting card and the gift card inside the envelope and seal the envelope. Address the envelope to your recipient and mail it using standard postage (unless your greeting card is an unusual size or shape, no additional postage should be necessary).



You can also purchase general gift cards from companies such as Amazon, American Express and Visa either online or at some banks or malls. If you purchase these cards in person, you can mail them inside a greeting card, or if you purchase them online, you can have them sent to your recipient.



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