How to Register a Walmart Visa Gift Card

Unlike traditional gift cards that only allow you to shop at the store listed on the card, Walmart's Visa Gift Card can be used at any retail outlet where Visa debit cards are accepted. This includes all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Cardholders may make online purchases from time to time with their Walmart cards, which could leave you unsure as to the current card balance. One way to keep track of the balance and the purchases you've made is to register your Walmart Visa Gift Card after you receive it.

How to Register a Walmart Visa Gift Card
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Reasons to Register Your Gift Card

In addition to checking your account balance, Walmart requires anyone who wants to shop online, over the phone or by mail to register their Visa gift card first. This is true whether you have the $25 gift card or the one valued at $500. When you register the card, attach a billing address to the account. Merchants use this address to verify the card before approving a transaction. This helps prevent fraud and protects both you and Walmart. When you register, you'll also be able to report a card that has been lost, stolen or damaged.

Register on the Homepage

Grab your card and visit Click the Register tab along the top row of Walmart's Visa Gift Card homepage. Enter the 16-digit gift card number found on the front of the card in the first box and the three-digit security code found on the back of the card in the second box. Then click the green Continue button. The final step in the registration process is to enter your name and billing address. Keep in mind that the name and billing address you give at checkout must always match the name and billing address you put on file with your Walmart Visa Gift Card account.

Check Card Balances Before Shopping

It's good practice to always check the balance on your Visa gift card before you shop. In addition to logging in to your gift card account page, you can do a quick check to find out the balance by heading to the Walmart Visa Gift Card homepage and entering your card number and security code. Click the green Check Balance button to see how much money you have left to shop with. You can also find out the total balance remaining on the card by calling 866-633-9096 and following the prompts to enter your account information.