How to Deposit Money on a Macy's Pre-Paid Card

The Macy's prepaid debit card is issued to Macy's employees as an alternative to checks for payment. You can use your prepaid Macy's card to shop and you will receive a credit each month for the total of your eligible employee discount. Add funds to your prepaid card on your own as an addition to your regular paycheck deposit.


Step 1

Take your Macy's prepaid debit card to a cash register at a Macy's store.

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Step 2

Tell the cashier at the store how much money you want to add to your card. Hand your card to the cashier to swipe through the register so the system can access your account.


Step 3

Give the cashier a debit card to charge or cash totaling the amount you want to add to the card. Macy's will not accept credit card charges to add funding to a prepaid card.


Step 4

Verify the balance of your prepaid card on the register receipt after the transaction.

Things You'll Need

  • Macys prepaid debit card

  • Cash or other debit card



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