How to Deposit to a Walmart Money Card

The Walmart Money Card is a prepaid MasterCard-debit account. The Money Card allows users to make purchases anywhere the MasterCard logo is found and accepted. Walmart has several different methods of filling and depositing money to these cards, including in stores and at electronic kiosks. Certain methods are assessed fees where others are not. Choose the method best for your financial needs.


Step 1

Pay the checkout clerk and have money deposited to your card instantly. As of May 2011, fees for counter deposits are $3 and you are allowed up to $1,100 in deposits per day. Present your card when depositing and have it swiped for instant credit.

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Step 2

Pay the deposit by check at a checkout stand. Money is verified via electronic check deposits. You are allowed to deposit up to $1,500 each day with a check.


Step 3

Go to a Walmart MoneyExpress Center kiosk, found in select Walmart stores. Swipe your card, enter your PIN and insert the cash into the machine for instant credit. Each kiosk deposit charges a $3 reload fee.

Step 4

Arrange direct deposit from your employer to your Walmart Money Card. Provide the routing number and account number along with a voided blank check to the Walmart customer service desk to arrange the direct deposits.



Step 5

Buy "Money Packs" at Walmart stores. These are prepaid cards with PIN numbers. Pay for them at checkout counters, scratch off the back after they are swiped and activated and call the toll free number to provide the PIN for your Walmart Money Card and get instant deposits and credit.

Step 6

Arrange a bank wire transfer through your bank. Provide the Walmart Money Card account number to your bank and pay the wire transfer fee.



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