How to Sign Up for Direct Deposit at Wal-Mart

Large Walmart sign on exterior of building.
Image Credit: Daniel Aguilar/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Walmart offers a prepaid MasterCard that allows cardholders to load money through cash, check or direct deposit. Benefits of using a Walmart MoneyCard for direct deposit include instant access to funds, no monetary loading fee for the transaction and the ability to deposit all or part of the paycheck.


In-Store Set Up

Individuals can purchase MoneyCard prepaid cards at Walmart stores or online. Those shopping in-store can ask the Money Center employee to set up the direct deposit. Setting up direct deposit in-store will require bringing along a paycheck stub that provides employer details including the address.


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Online Set Up

Shoppers can purchase the card in-store or online for online setup. Direct depositing requires creating an account on the Walmart Money Center website. You will then have access to a dashboard with numerous card options and can look for the direct deposit choice. Prompts will explain the needed information and walk you through to completion.