How to Deposit Money From a Rebate Card

How to Deposit Money From a Rebate Card
Deposit money from your rebate card.

ATM Machine

Go to an ATM machine. Find one that processes transactions for a reasonably small fee. Swipe your rebate card -- it acts as any other credit or debit card, but may be subject to ATM fees.

Make sure you have enough funds to cover the withdrawal. Confirm your withdrawal and collect your money.

Deposit your money at your bank.


Open up a PayPal account. PayPal is an online payment processor that accepts funds from credit cards and bank accounts. It also acts as a withdrawal medium. PayPal is free for personal use.

Register your debit card online at the issuer's website. Be sure to register with the same information as you do with your PayPal account.

Link your prepaid rebate card with your PayPal account. Debit and credit cards are accepted or rejected almost instantly.

Link a bank account with your PayPal account. This process takes three to five business days.

Deposit funds to your PayPal balance with your debit card, then withdraw the funds to your bank account. It takes approximately three to four days to receive your funds.