How to Add Money to an Emerald Card

How to Add Money to an Emerald Card
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The Emerald Card is a pre-paid MasterCard offered by H&R Block. The tax preparer offers the card initially as a vehicle for its customers to load tax refunds and tax anticipation checks. There are several ways for customers to add money to the card on an ongoing basis.


Participating Retailers

Emerald Cards can be reloaded at participating 7-Eleven stores for $1.95, regardless of the deposit amount. Funds can also be deposited on the Emerald Card at CVS, Dollar General, Office Depot, Walgreen's and Walmart for fees of up to $3.95. 7 Eleven and Walmart offer check cashing services as well. This allows Emerald Card holders to take cash from checks and reload their cards in a single location.

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Western Union

Emerald Cards can be reloaded at any of 44,000 Western Union locations. Card holders must present a completed prepaid services form, the cash to be deposited, the transaction fee and the card to the Western Union agent.


Smart Phone App

The free app deposits funds after the card holder takes a picture of the front and back of a check. Customers can deposit pay checks, personal checks, social security payments and tax returns. The app also provides information on card balances, the transaction history, cash reward programs, reload locations and ATMs.

Direct Deposit

Emerald Card holders with employers that offer direct deposits can have their checks automatically loaded on their cards. There is no fee for the service.


Load a MoneyPak Card

If no other deposit options are available, a person can turn to MoneyPak and its more than 50,000 retailers. After funds have been deposited there, the balance can be transferred at the MoneyPak website with the Emerald Card number and the unique code on the MoneyPak Card.


Funds deposited on an Emerald Card are covered by FDIC insurance.