How to Register a Global Cash Card

The Global Cash Card is a prepaid debit paycard.

The Global Cash Card is an alternative to paper checks and direct deposit. The card offers employers the option to pay contracted or W-2 employees with an ATM debit card, prepaid Visa or MasterCard debit card. A subsidiary of World Processing, LTD, Global Cash has incentive cards, corporate gift cards, travel and entertainment cards. Visit the Global Cash Card website to obtain information on your card account, pay stubs, statements and to register your card.


Step 1

Visit the Global Cash Card (see Resources) and locate the "Online Service Center" in the right corner under "Contact Us."

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Step 2

Click "New User? Setup My Account" at the bottom of the section.


Step 3

Click "Yes" when asked if you have a card.


Step 4

Enter your card number in the designated box under "Setup." Continue entering all required information to register your card.


If you have problems registering your card, contact customer service at 866-395-9200.



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