How to Activate an SPC Card

A Student Price Card, also called a SPC Card, is a discount card made for use with vendors in Canada. When presented with the card, vendors will give the cardholder a discount. Only minors are allowed to use the card. Once the cardholder reaches 18 and are no longer students, the card becomes invalid. The card can be purchased by adults for their minor child, and to use the card, parents must first activate it.


Step 1

Sign up for the card at the SPC website.

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Step 2

Give SPC a valid credit card number to purchase the card.

Step 3

Provide SPC with a valid email address when you sign up.



Step 4

Open the activation email and click the activation link. This will make the card valid. Unlike a credit card, you do not need to call an 800 number to activate the SPC card.



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