How to Renew an OHIP Card

The process of renewing an Ontario Health Insurance Plan card depends on the type of card (photo or red-and-white) and the age of the cardholder. As of July 2015, adults and older minors must renew their cards in person at a Service Ontario office, while parents or guardians of cardholders under 15 1/2 years of age can renew through the mail.


Your first photo OHIP card will expire two to seven years after you apply. Subsequent renewals are required approximately every five years on your birthday.

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Red-and-White OHIP Cards

Red-and-white cards do not typically require renewal. However, if your red-and-white card is lost, stolen or damaged, you must apply for a photo OHIP card. To apply, do the following:

  • Go in person to a Service Ontario centre
  • Complete form 014-0265-82 "Registration for Ontario Health Coverage"
  • Provide three original documents to prove your 1) citizenship; 2) residency and 3) identity. You can visit the Government of Ontario website to see a list of acceptable documents in each category.


Photo OHIP Cards

You can renew your photo OHIP card as early as six months before its expiry date. You will receive a renewal notice approximately two months before your card is set to expire. To renew, do the following:

  • Go in person to a Service Ontario centre
  • Complete form 014-4297-82 "Health Card Renewal." This form is also on the back of your renewal notice.
  • Provide two original documents to prove your 1) residence and 2) identity. Review the government's list of acceptable documents if you need guidance.


You may be asked for additional documentation, such as proof of name change or change in citizenship or immigration status.

Children and Seniors

Children under the age of 15 1/2 will be sent an option to renew by mail. However, the renewal notice may require the parent or guardian to visit a Service Ontario office and provide their own proof of residency and identity in order that the child's OHIP card is renewed.

Seniors over the age of 80 can also renew by mail. Their renewal notice will provide this option.