How to Change an Address on a Medical Card

Changing the address on your medical card is easy to accomplish.

A medical card is a state-issued health insurance card otherwise known as Medicaid. Medicaid helps individuals who do not have the means to afford quality health care on their own. Many low-income individuals qualify for this type of assistance. Federal monies back the card, and the individuals have the right to choose their hospital and doctors. The card is effective for one year, and the information must stay current for the card to remain active. Therefore, submitting an address change is essential for the continued use of the card.


Step 1

Contact your caseworker either in person or by phone. Each person approved for a medical card is assigned to a caseworker. The caseworker is in charge of making changes on your account and determines your eligibility for the card. If you do not know who your casework is, contact your state department of human services to request that your caseworker be looked up. Find the department's name, address and phone number on your medical card approval letter.


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Step 2

Schedule a meeting with your caseworker. At the meeting you will need to provide proof of your new address as well as a rent or mortgage receipt. Each state has its own requirements to determine proof of address; however, the most common are mail and a state-issued ID documenting your new address.


Step 3

Sign the authorization form documenting the changes made to your address. If your new address is out of the district of your current department of human services, your case will be transferred to another office closer to your new address.