How to Get a Replacement Sam's Card

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Consumers must purchase a membership to buy anything at a Sam's Club. In fact, you can't even get in the door without a membership card. You can replace a worn or lost card in a few minutes at any Sam's Club. Memberships aren't free, so Sam's Club asks you to report lost or stolen cards.


Replacement Process

There is no charge to get a replacement Sam's Club card. Go to a Sam's Club and take your old card with you if you have it. If the card has been lost or stolen, tell the door greeter and he will direct you to the customer service desk. You will have to show a valid photo identification such as your U.S. passport, driver's license or state-issued ID card. The customer service associate will verify your membership and take your picture. The whole process takes only a short time and you will be issued a replacement card on the spot.

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