How to Transfer Cash From a Credit Card

You can pull money from your credit card account at an ATM.

You can get cash from a credit card by taking out a cash advance. However, cash advances can be costly. You're charged a higher interest rate for the cash advances than for other transactions with your card, including an up-front fee of up to 4 percent for the amount advanced, according to Despite the fees, many people like the convenience of being able to withdraw cash from their cards.


Step 1

Confirm that your credit card has a cash advance option. Virtually all MasterCard and Visa credit cards offer that option, but a store or gas station credit card might not. Call the number on the back of your card to inquire. Also ask how much available credit you have for cash advances.

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Step 2

Request an ATM PIN for your card, if you don't already have one. You can get a PIN by writing or calling your credit card company.


Step 3

Take your credit card to any bank ATM machine. Insert the card and use your PIN to withdraw cash, just as you would with a debit card. Or take the card inside the bank to withdraw funds at a teller window. The teller can process the cash advance by using his teller machine. He will swipe the card, wait for authorization and have you sign a receipt. Your signature will be compared with the signature on your card and you may be asked for additional identification, such as a driver's license.