How to Use a Credit Card for a Cashier's Check

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Go to the bank where you have an account. Your bank is less likely to charge a fee for a cashier's check if you have an account relationship there. Don't exceed the cash advance limit on the credit card. The fees may be very high.


Credit cards usually charge cash advance fees. The fees can be a percent of the withdrawal or a set amount. The cash-advance interest rate is usually higher than the rate for purchases. Interest usually starts accruing right away, without any grace period. Contact the credit card customer service for more details.

A cashier's check is a check drawn on a bank's account rather than on the individual's account. Because you pay cash to purchase a cashier's check, it is as good as cash and the issuing bank guarantees it. You may need a cashier's check for large purchases, such as a vehicle purchase or a down payment on a house. To purchase a cashier's check, you will need to do a cash advance on the credit card first.


Step 1

Call the credit card customer service and inquire about the cash advance limit on your credit card. Ask for your current balance and calculate whether you have enough available credit to do the withdrawal.

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Step 2

Go to the ATM and get cash from your credit card by using your PIN. If you don't have a PIN, go to the bank and ask teller for a cash advance. You will need to give your card and your identification to the teller. You do not need a PIN because the teller uses a credit card machine, similar to the one used in stores, to process the cash advance.


Step 3

Ask the teller if there is a fee for the advance and for the cashier's check. Calculate the total amount of the cash advance you will need, including the fees. Let the teller know how much you want to withdraw.


Step 4

Sign the withdrawal slip presented by the teller. The slip will list your name and address and the amount of the withdrawal. The teller will give you cash and a copy of the withdrawal slip. Keep it for your records to compare with your credit card statement.


Step 5

Ask the teller to issue a cashier's check. Give her the exact names for the purchaser, the payee and the check amount. Give her cash for the amount of the check and the fees if any. She will print the check, sign it and give it to you.

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