How do I Get Cash Out of a Credit Card Advance or Debit?

Make sure you find out the interest rate and fees on a credit card cash advance.

You can use a credit card to receive cash advances or complete a debit transaction. A cash advance will usually have an interest rate higher than the rate charged for purchases on your account. It takes only a matter of minutes to receive a cash advance. Every time you get a cash advance with your credit card there is a fee associated with it, which is added to your balance. A debit transaction is processed immediately when use your credit card.


Step 1

Go to your bank and speak with a teller. Let the teller know you would like to get a cash advance on your credit card. She will need your credit card and photo identification. Let the teller know how much money you will need.

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Step 2

Sign the receipt for the transaction. The teller will submit your credit card through the terminal and call your credit card company for approval. When you receive your cash, make sure you count it. The teller will provide you with a copy of the receipt for your records.



Step 3

Review your statement to make sure the amount of the cash advance is correct. Depending on when you received the cash advance, you will get your statement in approximately 30 days.


Cash advances have no grace period. You start accumulating interest the day you get the cash.

Fees can be any where from 1 percent to 4 percent of the cash advance according to Young Money.



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