How Do I Fill Out a Credit Card Convenience Check to Deposit Into My Bank Account?

Write a check to access your credit account.

Credit card companies make it easier than ever to access the credit available in your account. With convenience checks, you no longer have to go to a location where credit cards are accepted. Convenience checks look very much like a check linked to a bank account and are used in the same way.


Step 1

Write the date in the top right-hand corner of the check. Don't postdate a check — complete the check on the same date you plan to deposit the check into your bank account.

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Step 2

Write your name on the line that reads "Pay to the Order Of."


Step 3

Write the amount you want to draw from your credit account in numerical format, in the box to the right of the "Pay to the Order Of" line. The box usually has a dollar sign in it. Be sure to include both dollars and cents.

Step 4

Write the dollar amount of the transaction out on the line below. If there are any cents in the amount payable, that should be written as a fraction of the number 100 — e.g., 35/100.



Step 5

Sign the check on the line provided at the bottom right of the check. Once the check is signed by you, it can then be presented for payment.


Sign the back of the check before you deposit it into your bank account.

On the bottom left-hand side of the check, a line is provided for a note or memo. This line isn't required. It's a place for the person writing the check to place a reminder of who the check is written to or what the check was written for. It's a good practice to put a memo on all checks.


When you use a credit card convenience check, it's considered a cash advance. The interest rate on cash advances is significantly higher than the interest on purchases made with your credit card.

Anyone who finds or steals a convenience check has easy access to any available credit in your account. If you lose or misplace convenience checks, notify your credit card company immediately so a stop can be placed on the checks so no one else can use them. If you receive convenience checks and have no intention of using them, shred them so they can't be used.

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