How Can I Borrow From My AccountNow Visa Card?

How Can I Borrow From My AccountNow Visa Card?
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AccountNow is a prepaid Visa credit card. A prepaid card is essentially identical to a credit card — it works the same way and you have a credit limit. However, your credit limit is not determined by AccountNow or Visa, it is determined by you; you deposit money onto your card and that is your credit limit. You can change your limit at any time by adding additional funds to your AccountNow Visa prepaid credit card.


Your AccountNow card is usable anywhere in the world that accepts regular Visa credit cards. You can also borrow cash from your prepaid credit card by visiting any ATM. Borrowed cash from your AccountNow prepaid Visa does not have to be repaid to your AccountNow account; the funds on your AccountNow Visa are funds you place on your card. If you want to take cash from your card and not replace it, you don't have to.

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You can borrow money from your AccountNow Visa card by simply visiting an ATM, inserting your card and requesting the cash you need (provided the amount falls within your allowable limit). You can also borrow money by visiting a bank and requesting an over-the-counter transaction from a teller.

Visit an ATM

Insert your AccountNow card into any ATM. Select the language you want to complete your transaction in and enter your PIN. When you received your prepaid AccountNow Visa in the mail you were required to activate the card, which included creating a four digit PIN so that you can use your card at ATMs.


Make Your Selection

Push the button that corresponds with a credit card withdrawal. Choose the amount that you want to withdraw from the preselected amounts or enter a different amount.

Review Terms and Accept Fee

Read the terms and accept the ATM fee associated with making your withdrawal. This is the fee charged by the owner of the ATM; some ATMs are surcharge-free, and others charge a fee. Push "Yes" or "No" to indicate whether or not you want a receipt for your transaction. After the ATM completes your transactions, take your cash, card and receipt.


In addition, AccountNow charges all prepaid Visa cardholders a $3.00 fee for each ATM transaction.

Bank Teller Cash Withdrawals

If you request a cash withdrawal from a bank teller, AccountNow charges a fee equal to 3 percent of the amount you withdraw from a participating bank. Simply present your card at the teller counter, and receive your cash.

Viewing Transactions Online

Aside from the receipt you receive from the ATM regarding your transaction, you can view the transaction online by registering your AccountNow prepaid Visa card with AccountNow online. You will also receive a monthly statement from AccountNow detailing each purchase, deposit and/or ATM withdrawal for the statement period.