How to Upgrade a Walmart Card to a Walmart Discover

Some customers can upgrade a Walmart Credit Card to a Walmart Discover Card.

In 2005, Walmart entered into an agreement with Discover to create a Walmart Discover card. This move gave Walmart a competitive position against MasterCard and Visa, while giving Walmart customers another credit option. Just as with other credit decisions, the decision of whether or not to upgrade you to from a Walmart card to a Walmart Discover card is made individually. There are two paths you can take in attempting the upgrade.


Step 1

Call Walmart credit. With your Walmart card on hand, call 1-877-294-7880 -- the number in 2011 -- and speak to a customer service representative.

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Step 2

Ask for an upgrade. Both cards are issued by GE Consumer Finance, so in some cases, a customer service representative will be able to upgrade your Walmart account to a Walmart Discover account and send you a new card. In this case, your Walmart card will no longer be valid.


Step 3

Fill out a new application. If a customer service representative tells you that you cannot upgrade your Walmart credit card over the phone, then you will need to fill out a new application for a Walmart Discover card. You can do this at a Walmart store or online at


Step 4

Wait for a decision. After a short time, you will receive an approval or a denial of credit. This can take as little as 30 seconds if you completed an online application. If your credit history is not long enough, you have late payments or any other red flags appear on your application or credit report, you may be denied the Walmart Discover card. This is true even if you have a Walmart credit card.



Step 5

Strengthen your credit rating. If you are denied a Walmart Discover card, take steps to strengthen your credit rating and then apply again. Make all payments on time for several months, especially payments on rent or mortgage and on revolving credit like credit cards. Pay down your balance as much as possible if you carry a balance. Use your credit cards for small purchases and pay them off immediately. Reapply in several months.


The Walmart Discover card has several advantages over the Walmart card. It helps build a credit rating faster, since it is a major credit card. It can be used at any store that accepts Discover, unlike the Walmart card that is only valid at Walmart and Sam's Club. The Walmart Discover does pay cash back like a standard Discover card. Use your Walmart credit card or your Walmart Discover at Walmart and Sam's gas stations for a three cent per gallon saving.


Since the Walmart credit card is a store card, using it will not build your credit score as rapidly as using a major credit card. Manage any debt wisely. Using any credit card can cause problems if you do not manage it wisely. Pay off balances quickly.

Things You'll Need

  • Phone

  • Walmart Credit Card

  • Personal Information

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