How to Make a Payment in DriveTime

DriveTime is a nationwide dealership, offering thousands of vehicles for sale to accommodate the taste and budgets of customers all over the U.S. Many customers finance their vehicles through DriveTime. To assist customers in making their payments, DriveTime has a number of ways in which it will accept payment. Most payment options charge a fee ranging from a little over a dollar to almost $13, but a few options are free.


Step 1

Set up automatic deductions with DriveTime. DriveTime will deduct your monthly payment directly from your bank account. To set up this option, you must have your account and routing number. There is no fee to pay through automatic deductions. Call DriveTime at 1-888-418-1212 to set up payment. If you are in the military, you can set up auto deductions through Allotment (see Resources). There is no fee for this service.


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Step 2

Send your DriveTime payment by mail. Mailed payments must be in the form of a check or money order. There is no fee charged for mailed payments.

Mail payments to: DriveTime PO Box 53087 Phoenix, AZ 85702-3087


Step 3

Pay your DriveTime bill in cash. To pay with cash, you must go to a CheckFreePay location (see Resource). There is a $1.50 to $1.88 fee (as of 2010) to pay in cash.

Step 4

Submit your DriveTime payment online. BillMatrix processes payments for DriveTime (see Resources). Payment must be made with a debit card, credit card or check. There is a $5.50 fee to submit payments online.


Step 5

Call DriveTime to make your payment by phone at 1-877-432-9420. Payment must be made with a debit card, credit card or electronic check. There is a fee of $5.50 to process your payment by phone.

Step 6

Send your payment to DriveTime with MoneyGram. Payments can be made at a MoneyGram location. The DriveTime receive code is "2049." All payments must be made in cash. There is a $7.55 to $7.95 fee (as of 2010) to submit payments this way.


Step 7

Send your payment to DriveTime with Western Union. You can send payment in person using either cash or credit card. Western Union's code city for DriveTime is "DTCREDIT.AZ." There is a $12.99 fee (as of 2010).


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