How to Deposit Money on a Credit Card

Adding money to a secure credit card is simple.

Depositing money on a credit card is very easy to accomplish. Many secured credit cards require a monetary deposit before the card can be used. Individuals who are re-building their credit or have a few credit problems choose to apply for secured credit cards because of the ability to charge against their own money, otherwise known as collateral. Before the credit card is activated, the individual must add funding to the card. Therefore, depositing the necessary amount of funds is important for its continued use.


Step 1

Review your credit card terms and conditions for depositing money. Depending upon the credit card company, there may be limits on the minimum and maximum amount that you can deposit. Therefore, before you submit any money, make sure you know what your limits are.

Step 2

Confirm the method of deposit and submit the deposit to your credit card company. Most credit card companies allow their users to submit a check for the amount of their deposit or manually transfer the amount onto the credit card using a bill pay service. However, each credit card company has different policies. Therefore, before you make the deposit confirm the method that your credit card company uses.


Step 3

Contact your credit card provider and confirm the deposit. If the deposit was mailed by check, the account may not reflect the addition for a few weeks. However, if the money was manually transferred onto the credit card account, the deposit should be accessible within a matter of days.