How to Make a Payment on a Military Star Card

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Active duty, reserve, guard and retired U.S. military personnel from all branches as well as their families are eligible to apply for a military star card. It works just like any private label credit card, but you can only use it at stores run by the Military Exchange. Payment options allow cardholders to make a payment in person, over the telephone or from the Exchange website.


In-person Payment

To make an in-person payment, visit the customer service department in any Exchange store. You'll need to show your military identification card and make your payment via cash or check.


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Telephone Payments

Contact the Exchange credit call center at 877-891-782 to pay over the telephone. You'll need to provide the customer service representative with either your military identification or Star account number, as well as the account number and routing number from your bank account.


Online Payments

Visit the Military Star Card website at to make an online payment. After logging in, click on the "member services" tab and then click "payment methods." You can either make a one-time payment or set up recurring payments. If you're making a one-time payment, you can choose to store bank account information or enter payment information with each payment. Select the payment amount, the payment date and, if necessary, your bank account number and routing number. Click "submit," wait for the payment to process and record your payment confirmation number.