How to Put Money in Someone Else's Bank Account

Depositing money in someone's account is one method of sending it securely. Most methods of doing this will get the money to the recipient the next day at no charge. Be prepared to provide details of the other party's account to initiate the process.

Visit the Bank

To deposit cash or a check in someone else's account in person, visit a branch of the recipient's bank and complete a deposit slip. If you are depositing a check, address it to the recipient on the "Pay to the order of" line, or address it to "Cash." Write "For deposit only" on the back and write the recipient's account number. Show your identification, if necessary, when you give the check to the teller. Some banks, like Chase, do not accept accept cash deposits into other people's accounts. Call the recipient's bank before you visit to ensure that they do.

Deposit via Mail

If the bank doesn't have a branch close to you, you can send a check for deposit by mail. Address for payment to "Cash" or the other party's name and endorse it for deposit only into the recipient's account, just as you would in person. Sending the check by certified mail with return receipt requested adds an extra layer of security. Call the bank or visit the website to obtain the mailing address for deposits. Some banks, like Bank of America, have different addresses for standard and expedited mail.

Transfer Money Online

Some banks provide customers with an online service that you can use to send money to anyone who has a deposit account. For instance, Wells Fargo offers SurePay and Chase offers QuickPay. Both services only require the recipient's email address to send the money. Other banks might need additional information, such as the recipient's account number and the bank routing number. Register for online banking with your bank to access this service. You'll need to supply information such as your account number, Social Security number and ATM number. Once registered, visit the appropriate page for sending money and follow the prompts to complete the process.

Wire Transfer

You can wire money into the other party's bank account through your bank or companies like Western Union and MoneyGram. There typically is a fee for this service, even if you send it through your bank. Visit or call the bank or service provider to conduct the transaction. You will need the other party's name, account number and bank routing number.