How to Send Cash in an Emergency

Send Cash in an Emergency

How to Send Cash in an Emergency. Your son, daughter or long-lost uncle calls in the middle of a crisis and needs money fast. You have the funds, but don't know the best way to quickly deliver the cash. Sending the money is easier than you may think.


Step 1

Determine how much cash your friend needs and where he is located.

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Step 2

Wire the cash between bank accounts. If she needs cash and is at or near her home, a wire transfer between your bank and hers may be the easiest and cheapest method. You need to know her bank routing number and account number to complete the transaction. Your bank may charge a nominal fee for the service.


Step 3

Send a Moneygram or cash by way of Western Union if he is far from home. These services charge based upon the amount of cash sent and how quickly you want the money to be available. The charges range from 2 to 10 percent of the total amount sent.


Step 4

Use PayPal to send the money over the Internet. Both you and your friend must have a PayPal account. The accounts are free at The company generally allows up to $500 to be received in 1 month if someone has not established themselves previously on the website.


Step 5

Mail the check or money order using the United States Postal Service, FedEx, UPS or DHL. They all deliver packages overnight and their services are available nationwide.


Request a password when wiring money via Moneygram or Western Union. This additional layer of protection makes the process safer for you and the requester. While the various mail services provide overnight delivery, mailing cash is strongly discouraged.



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