How to Reload a Green Dot Card

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Green Dot prepaid debit cards are convenient alternatives to traditional bank-issued debit cards. The cards are sold by retailers nationwide. You can add money to your card using one of a variety of reload methods offered by Green Dot. Funds added to your card can be available for use within minutes. Reload fees range from free to $4.95.


Reload @ The Register

You can add cash directly to your Green Dot card by using the Reload @ The Register service. Participating retailers include Ace Cash Express, CVS, Family Dollar, Dollar General, K-Mart, Kroger, Rite Aid, Safeway, Walgreens, Walmart and 7-Eleven. Reload your card at the register by simply asking the cashier to add your cash to the card. The cashier swipes your Green Dot card and accepts your cash deposit from you. She adds the cash to the card right at the register by following the prompts she receives. The funds are available in as little as 10 minutes. You can add from $20 to $1,000. The maximum reload fee is $4.95.


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Green Dot Direct Deposit

You can have your paycheck or monthly government benefits, such as Social Security, deposited directly to your card free of charge. Ask your employer or benefits officer if your company participates in Direct Deposit. The types of income that can be deposited to your Green Dot card include a paycheck, Social Security benefits, Veterans Compensations and Pension, Supplemental Security Income and Federal Civil Service Retirement System benefits. You can also have your tax refund deposited to your Green Dot card, but you cannot have your refund deposited to someone else's Green Dot card.


If you're going to have your paycheck direct-deposited, you can have the entire check deposited or designate a specific portion to be applied to the card. If you elect to have your government benefits deposited via Direct Deposit, the entire amount must be deposited to the card. You need to give your employer or benefits officer the Green Dot card's Direct Deposit and bank routing number, which can be accessed by logging into your account online.

Green Dot Bank Transfers

You can add funds from your checking or savings account. Financial institutions like banks and credit unions commonly allow you to electronically transfer funds to other financial institutions through the automated clearing house (ACH). You can transfer up to $1,000. Although Green Dot doesn't charge a fee to reload your card using your bank account, your bank may charge a transfer fee for the transaction. The money is generally available within 1 to 3 business days, but can vary depending on the bank.


You can add funds by logging into your online banking and following the instructions for setting up a transfer to a different financial institution. Depending on your bank, you may also be able to visit a local branch to do the transfer. You need the Green Dot routing number, which can be accessed by logging into your Green Dot account, for either option.

Green Dot Send Money Service

Send Money is a free service offered by Green Dot that allows you to send or receive money through email or text. The money sent is deducted from the sender's card automatically. Money sent is reloaded onto the recipient's Green Dot card. The recipient needs to claim the money by clicking the link sent via email or text and must claim the funds within 10 days or it's returned to the sender.


The daily reload limit is $2,500 per day, which is also the maximum balance allowed on your card. Green Dot is not responsible for any errors in the email address or phone number. If funds are sent to the wrong person and claimed, the process can't be reversed.

Green Dot at Walmart

At certain Walmart locations, you can cash a preprinted check, such as a government or payroll check, and have the money applied to your card. Check cashing fees of up to $3.00 apply. You can add up to $1,000 in cash to your card with a reload fee of $3.74, as of 2019. The Green Dot website allows you to search for a participating Walmart location near you.


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