How to Send Cash With Credit Card

You can send money online with a credit card at places like Western Union.

Sending money through the mail has become increasingly dangerous. Cash is more likely to be stolen directly, and it is also possible for individuals to steal your checking information if you mail a check. Instead, it is possible to send money electronically by using your credit card. When doing so, the money is charged to your card (just like a standard purchase) and then wired to a facility where the recipient may pick up the funds with a state-issued ID.


Step 1

Go to a website for a money transfer company such as Western Union, MoneyGram or ATM Cash. All three sites allow you to send money by using your credit card information. (See References.)

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Step 2

Select the place you want to send the money to, then choose a pickup location near the individual who is to receive the money.


Step 3

Choose the amount of money you want to send. Some of the sites, such as MoneyGram, set a limit on the amount you may send. (You have to send less than $900 with MoneyGram.)

Step 4

Fill in your credit card information, then include the information for the individual you are sending the money to (full name, address and telephone number).



Step 5

Submit the order. The money is withdrawn from your credit card account and sent electronically to the place where the recipient can pick up the funds. Contact the individual and tell him where to go to pick up the money.



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