How to Cancel a Money Order Issued by Wal-Mart

Although representatives at Walmart stores issues money orders, the orders themselves are processed and fulfilled through MoneyGram. Contact MoneyGram's customer service to put a stop payment on a Walmart money order and submit a MoneyGram claim card to get a refund.

Request a Stop Payment

Walmart MoneyGram money orders can't be voided. However, putting a stop payment on a money order can prevent an individual or the payee from cashing it.


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If you have pertinent information -- like the money order serial number, the amount and the payee -- and the money order hasn't been cashed yet, a MoneyGram representative may be able to issue a stop payment. Call MoneyGram's customer service at 1-800-542-3590 to request a stop payment for your MoneyGram.


Request a Refund

You can get a refund for your money order by printing out, completing and submitting a MoneyGram claim card. You'll need to provide information like:


  • The name, telephone number and address of the purchaser.
  • The money order serial number, purchase date and dollar amount.
  • To whom the money order was payable.
  • The address of the Walmart where you purchased the money order.


You'll also need to include your money order receipt and a $15 check or money order to cover the processing fee. Be sure to sign and date the refund request. MoneyGram typically processes refund requests within 30 days but it can take up to 65 days.


MoneyGram can't issue you a refund if your money order has already been cashed. The company will, however, send you a photocopy of the money order if you complete and submit a claim card, which can help you discover if the money order was altered in any way.



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