How to Do a Free Online Search For Unclaimed Money or Funds

Find unclaimed cash using the Internet.

Finding unclaimed money or funds doesn't have to cost you anything. You can do a free search online to find money that belongs to you but may be in inactive bank accounts.


Step 1

Go to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators website, Find the links to the states you have lived in the past.

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Step 2

Provide information requested, such as your name, maiden names and former addresses.


Step 3

Validate the unclaimed fund account to make sure it is your account.

Step 4

If the account is yours, you will need to file a claim for you unclaimed funds. To do this, just follow the detailed directions on the state administrator's website. The directions usually include:
-Downloading a claim form and filling it out.
-Providing a copy of your driver's license or some sort of photo ID -Sending in all paperwork and relevant documents to an address listed on the website or claim form.


Step 5

Duplicate all the steps in order to find unclaimed funds in all the states where you have lived.



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