Can You Western Union Money from a Credit Card Transaction?

You'll have to go online to use a credit card to send money via Western Union.
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Western Union provides convenient ways to transfer cash in person, but to send money by credit card you have to use their online services. Money senders may prefer to use credit cards for record keeping and convenience, or because of a lack of cash.


Send Money to Western Union Location

Create a free online account at Western Union's website. Select the Money in Minutes service. Enter the name and address of the money recipient in the specified fields. Input credit card information when prompted and complete the transaction. Western Union will email the sender a confirmation that includes a tracking number that the recipient will need to pick up the money.


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Send Money via Mobile

You also can use a credit card for Western Union's money to mobile service in select overseas areas. Check the Web to a Mobile Phone page first to ensure the recipient's location applies. Create or log into your Western Union account, then enter the amount you want to send and the recipient's location. Select "mobile phone" as the delivery method. Provide the recipient's name and cell phone number, then input the credit card information where specified. Western Union will send a text message to both sender and receiver to confirm the transaction.