How to Transfer Money in PayPal to a Western Union Debit Card

Money in your PayPal account is transferable to your Western Union debit card. Once you submit a transfer to PayPal, it usually takes up to three to four days before the money is available on your debit card. Before setting up a transfer, you must establish a link between the two accounts. The process to establish a link can take several days depending on several factors including how quickly deposits are processed by Western Union.


Step 1

Log into your online PayPal account and click "Profile" in the top menu.

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Step 2

Click "Add or Edit Bank Account," then click "Add Bank."

Step 3

Click "Checking" and enter your Western Union account information. You are required to enter Western Union's routing number and your account number.


Step 4

Click "Continue" and review the information you entered. If it is correct, click "Submit." PayPal will make two deposits to the Western Union account within two to three days.

Step 5

Log into your online Western Union account after the three-day period and record the amount of the two PayPal deposits.


Step 6

Access your PayPal account again and click "Confirm Bank Account." The link is located in the Notifications panel on the right.


Step 7

Enter the amounts of the two deposits in the appropriate fields and click "Confirm."


Step 8

Click "Withdraw" in the top menu, then click "Transfer to Bank Account."

Step 9

Enter the amount of money to transfer to your Western Union debit card and click the account's name in the drop-down list.


Step 10

Click "Continue," then click "Submit" to complete the transfer. Confirmation of the transfer will be sent to your email.



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