How to Deposit Money Into an Online Bank Account

How to Deposit Money Into an Online Bank Account
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Mobile Apps

Most online banks offer mobile apps on Apple, Android and Windows 8 platforms. These apps allow you to deposit from your phone by snapping a picture of any checks you’re depositing. To use the app for deposits, you must have an account with the bank and register through its website for online access. You’ll need your login information from your online registration to access your account through the app.

Direct Deposit

When you open an online bank account, you’re provided with a routing and account number. With these two numbers, you can request a direct deposit of your paycheck or government benefits. Taking advantage of direct deposit means your money is sent to your account electronically and is available the same day or the next business day.


You can also make deposits to an online bank account by transferring money. If the transfer is between two accounts held by the bank, your funds are available immediately. You can also transfer money to your online account from an account you hold at a different bank if you're a signer on both accounts. Funds from the transfer may take a few business days to process and become available.

Mail and ATM

Online banks also accept deposits by mail. You can send checks, money orders and cashier’s checks for deposit by mail through an address your online bank provides. You can’t send cash in the mail, so purchase a money order for any cash deposits and mail the money order. Some online banks also partner with ATM providers to accept deposits. Instructions for making deposits by mail or ATM are available on your bank’s website.