How Long Does It Take After You Deposit Money Before You Can Withdraw It From Your Account?

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The time you must wait to withdraw deposited money from your account depends on a few factors. As a general rule, you can withdraw cash or electronic deposits the next business day.


Withdrawal Basics

When you make an electronic deposit during a business day, such as an employer's direct deposit into your account, you can typically withdraw it the next business day, according to a May 2013 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau report. Weekends and holidays aren't considered business days for banks. Therefore, a deposit on Friday would be available Monday. The same rule usually applies when you make a cash deposit, though there are some variances based on whether you made the deposit in person. Up to $200 from a deposited check is normally available for withdrawal the next business day as well, with the remainder available within two business days. In rare cases, such as with checks over $5,000, the bank may put an extended hold on the check.


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In-Person Deposits

The rules are a bit different for cash or check deposits made inside a bank instead of at the automated teller machine. Cash deposits are available the next day when made in person, but by the second business day when made at an ATM, the CFPB reports. Funds from money orders, certified checks and same-bank checks are typically available for withdrawal the next business day when made in person as well.